Luxury Custom Home Builder in Stoney Creek

You’ve got the picture perfect vision of your dream home in your head – now you just need to share it with the right custom home builders.
Stoney Creek homeowners are in good hands with Komon Homes, where client satisfaction is a consistent number one priority, no matter the size of the project.

We’re a luxury custom home builder who works with the belief that custom home builds, renovations and additions require the right attention to detail and a strong sense of commitment towards the homeowner-to-be and we’re proud to be serving the community of Stoney Creek with this attitude and approach for an accurate, quality final product.

All Hands on Deck for a Beautiful Custom Home Build

Stoney Creek homeowners who choose the team at Komon Homes are choosing an all-hands approach that puts your vision first. Supervision for its own sake is something you’ll never find on our worksites: every member of your project plays a key role in bringing every detail of your dream home to life.

Whether you’re looking for a full, brand new home from scratch, a major set of renovations, or a few simple additions, we treat every build like it’s our own.

That’s why we don’t even let ourselves take on many projects we take on at once – so we can give your new custom home build, renovation or addition the right amount of focus.

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If you’re looking for a team of professional, committed and hands-on custom home builders in Stoney Creek, Komon Homes is here to bring your dreams to life, from brand new builds to minor home renovations or additions.

Call us at 647-401-5740 or contact us to get started on your dream home in Stoney Creek.

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